Colby Eagles Alumni Association
Neil Wolf, 1945
Advocate for children of all ages
Nominated by Sally Jones & Judy Rusiecki

Neil grew up in Colby, the son of Frank and Faye Wolf. He joined the United States Air Force in 1947. While serving he competed in swimming and diving on the Air Force team. He took part in several meets with other military bases while in the Air Force. 

  Neil worked at the post office and delivered mail on foot, walking 26 miles a day on his route. During these years he became the “Pied Piper” of the Colby streets. He knew each person on his route, often stopping to visit, play a practical joke or walk a block or two with a child. 

  Neil saw a lot of boys through the Boy Scouts. As a scout leader, the camping trip he sponsored to Philmont Scout Ranch at Cimarron, NM was a highlight of his association with the scouting program.

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He started the Colby Swim Team in 1964, which has continued to be a successful program for over 50 years. He taught the love of water and swimming as a sport to keep his own children and other children busy in the summer. Neil taught them hard work, responsibility, trustworthiness, and sportsmanship.

  When Colby Community College was building their campus they asked Neil to give advice on building an inside pool that could handle a swim meet. When he retired from the post office, Neil began managing the college pool and increased the usage of the pool and the hours the pool was open, and served disadvantaged students and people recovering from surgeries. For a couple of years he managed both the college and city pools.

  Neil continued to be the “Pied Piper” through out his life, gathering kids of all ages, as there were constantly kids to be fed, counseled and cared for. Sometimes he would chew them out when they were due to fill a scheduled slot in the pool work schedule, but Neil continued to befriend children and students until his death in 1997. He was loved and respected by many people and left a host of friends old and new.