Colby Eagles Alumni Association
Nancy Larsen Sanders, 1957
Nominated by Liz Williams Rogers

  Born in February 1939, near Colby, Kansas, Nancy’s interest in literature and writing flared like wild fire while attending Colby High School. She graduated in 1957 and attended Kansas Wesleyan University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and English. At the University of Kansas she earned a Bachelors of Science in English and studied literature and creative writing at Kansas State University. Later, Nancy obtained a Masters in Learning Disabilities from Fort Hays State University.

     Nancy worked as a college teacher of composition and literature, creative writing, and English as a Second Language before returning to Colby High for the remainder of her teaching career where she worked with learning-disabled students. Nancy had a great desire for all of her students to see beauty and promise in their own reading and writing. 

     The author of Earth's Memories Series, Nancy has a five book series of historical fiction set in the 1930 Depression and dust bowl era. Her first publication, All Stubborned Up was released in 2010. Nancy and her husband John, live near Colby, Kansas. They have two children and two grandchildren.

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