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Flight of the Eagles
Order your copy of FLIGHT OF THE EAGLES to enjoy and appreciate the history of Colby High School athletics. 


• History and highlights of the 15 sports 
• Pictures of championship teams 
• 12-letter athletes 
• Individual state champions 
• Comments from members of 
• State championship teams 
• Sports from 1902 to end of 
• 2009-2010 will be included 

FLIGHT OF THE EAGLES has been created to coincide with the end of the Northwest Kansas League era for Colby High School activities. Results, records, and selected photographs from 1902 to May 2010 will be included. Since track, softball, and baseball will not be completed until 29 May 2010, FLIGHT OF THE EAGLES will not be printed until early June 2010. It will be printed and available before the CHS Alumni Reunion in June 2010. As soon as the book is available, announcements will be made concerning sites where you may pick up your copy(ies) of the book. Proceeds will be applied to the construction of a new building at Dennen Field which will include: rest rooms, home and visitor locker rooms, and equipment storage for football and track.

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