Colby Eagles Alumni Association
Tanya Draper-Douthit, Class of 1996
Nominated by Sue Draper

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Tanya graduated from CCC, Bachelor's degree in Social Work from KSU and Master's degree in Social Work from KU. Married Chad Douthit of St. Francis, KS and moved to Brandon, South Dakota and both worked in Sioux Falls. Tanya received the Young Woman of Excellence Award for the Sioux Falls area in April 2008. 

  Tanya has an incredible track record of leadership working on behalf of women, men, children and families in Sioux Falls. Tanya currently serves as Executive Director of Rape & Domestic Abuse Center (RDAC) in Sioux Falls. Prior to her current role, she served as Assistant Director of the agency, working with batterers and providing therapy and crisis intervention to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. She wrote several grants that funded over 60 percent of the agency's budget. The agency's board recognized her dedication and valuable contributions, and she was promoted to her current position within just a year. 

  In her capacity as RDAC's Executive Director, Tanya has taken the agency to a new level. With her determined leadership, she has doubled the agency's grant funding and fundraising, allowing for new programs and services. She has played an instrumental role in raising awareness of the sexual and domestic violence that affect women and children throughout the community by proactively reaching out to media, serving on task forces and developing public education campaigns. She conducts training sessions and presentations for local businesses, schools, and other organizations to improve prevention and intervention. Tanya is a highly skilled counselor and continues to provide advocacy, crisis intervention, empathy and support for victims and survivors of domestic and sexual violence.