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Max Eaton
Class of 1927
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  Max was 100 years old on July 7, 2009. Don Eaton of Costa Mesa, California contacted the museum and provided the following biography.

  Max has had a very successful and productive life. After high school he worked his way through Kansas State University, graduating with a master’s degree in chemical engineering. In his first few years after college, he worked in oil refineries in Indiana and Wilmington, California. During these years, he earned a law degree.

  In World War II he was with the field artillery along the Burma Road in China. He was discharged as a Lieutenant Colonel after the war.

  With the war over, he continued his education in the field of mathematics. He was active in the development of the guided missile and did much of the math necessary to determine the landing location in the Pacific for the first spacecraft. He also authored a government publication on mathematical statistical calculations. He has been quite successful in stock market investment over a period of 55 years. Max has a son and two daughters.