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Dennis Woofter, 1961, Navy Rear Admiral/Deputy Director for Naval Medicine
Nominated by Wayne Woofter, 1971 

In response to the solicitation in your Prairie Winds Newsletter, please consider Dennis Woofter, class of 1961, for recognition in the CHS Alumni Wall of Honor. Dennis was very active while attending Colby Schools from Elementary through High School. While in High School he was active in Football, Wrestling and Band, as well as receiving academic honors. His contribution to mankind started after his High School and College days when he entered the U. S. Navy. He received his second star and the position of Rear Admiral Upper Half in September of 2004. Navy Rear Admiral Dennis D. Woofter is currently assigned as Deputy Director for Naval Medicine, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, Arlington , Va. Woofter was previously assigned as chief of staff, program executive officer, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, Washington, D.C. 

There was never any doubt in our minds that Dennis would rise to a position of authority in whatever field he chose. Dennis always believed there was a right and wrong way to do things and it didn't matter if it was polishing your shoes or landing a jet on a carrier. There is no gray area, just do it right the first time. He lives his life this way and has been a mentor to Naval personnel throughout his Naval career.

As proud as we are of him for his military accomplishments, he was always my hero and was the big brother anyone would respect and look up to. While being ten years younger than Dennis, I didn't appreciate the danger he was in or the magnitude of his service while flying missions in Viet Nam . Never serving in the military, I am not sure I still understand what he and those like him went through but watching the situation in Iraq let's us all understand that military service during war times is above any "call to duty" in other fields. 

Dennis is the son of Duane and Ethel Jean Woofter and a brother of CHS graduates, Glenda Woofter Bade (1961), John Woofter (1966) and Wayne Woofter (1971). He lives in Bethesda , Maryland with his wife Sheila. He has two daughters, Jennifer and Jessica and one granddaughter, Janie. And yes, the Admiral takes orders from Janie. 

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