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Darrell Williams, 1971,
Leader in the field of Ophthalmology
Nominated by Sue Smith Taylor , 1971
Darrell “Pete” Williams is a Doctor of Ophthalmology, who practices in Minot , North Dakota . In 2003, after several years of trying to gain approval from the FDA, he implanted a bionic eye in John Palmer. John was one of the first in the nation and the two appeared on the Today Show, with Matt Lauer, in March of 2003. John Palmer, the recipient of the bionic eye, had his eye ruptured in 1997 when a coupler come off a hose and hit him. The implant replaced the iris and intraocular lens and it restored about two-third of his normal vision. Mr. Palmer reported relief from the glare and lack of depth perception. Darrell graduated from CHS in 1971. He and his wife Barbara, and children Peter and Annie live in Minot , North Dakota .  
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