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The following CHS Alumni have submitted life updates.  Please contact us to add your own information.
Dana Lupton Hemminger - Class of 2000    
I graduated in 2000, and I have recently published a book entitled "Reflections from Holland:  A New Mother's Journey with Down Syndrome".  It is available on  My husband and I have two children, and our first-born, Benjamin, was born with Down Syndrome and numerous health complications.  We have learned and grown so much since having him, and I wanted to share our story to encourage other families facing similar challenges.

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Gary Chaffin - Class of 1955

At the risk of tooting my own horn, I decided to let you know how my life was blessed to be in the right place at the right time.  

My first year in college I attended Central Bible College in Springfield, Missouri.  I then moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota.  In Minneapolis I attended a large church which had a choir that had an ongoing TV program.  I was asked to sing in the choir that performed on a regular basis.

I also enrolled at North Central University.  While attending college, I went to work for Westinghouse.  I started at the lowest position in the company and worked my way up to become a department manager.  I finally worked in their power systems sales group.  We were involved in the sales of major power generation at two large facilities.

The church where I was a member elected me to the board.  I was the youngest person ever elected to the board of that church.  Then for four years I traveled throughout the U.S. doing fund raising and public relations for two large missionary organizations.  I was asked to serve on the board of various ministries and was chairman of the board of two of those.  

The accomplishment that is most recent is this.  A friend asked me to help fill up a small truck with food products which we used to begin a food shelf.  In less than 10 years we were able to see the food shelf grow to where we now distribute one million pounds of grocery products each month in rural Minnesota and Wisconsin.  It's impressive to see long lines of people in the dead of winter waiting to get their portion from the food shelf.

Annette Hutfles Boardman - Class of 1979

Annette will have an art display at the Prairie Museum of Art and History during the 2020 all-school reunion, June 18th - June 20th.
Samuel Ramey - Class of 1960

Sam Ramey is appearing in La Boheme beginning on March 15th in a cameo role with the Dallas Opera.